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The 2013 Preview

What to expect in 2013 – Is science going to help us?

Instead of a summary of last year’s major events and discoveries, I will explore the possible new advances that science will bring us in 2013. And because it’s the very beginning of the year, we can still dream about those major breakthroughs and that miracle small observation that will change our lives for the better!

In particular I will discuss: pre-natal diagnosis and the ethical and moral questions associated with having so much information to deal with concerning health and disease; high expectations surrounding the whole-genome DNA sequencing efforts of 100,000 cancer patients to be carried out in Cambridge laboratories at a cost of £100 million; the developments in regenerative medicine, with increased hopes on heart regeneration after optimistic findings reported back in December 2012 in the Nature journal. And much more, as science is about solid data but also about imagination!